Friday, February 24, 2012

Ive gone B-A-N-A-N-A-S for Kayla's Party

So about a month ago I finally started looking at things I might want to do for Kayla's 1st birthday party. That's when I finally got into Etsy. I spent so much time on there that I had to make myself stop and didn't allow myself to do Elmo-themed birthday browsing until a month before her birthday. Mind you I said that thinking I would only last a few days. Then Monday I'm browsing the computer and I look at the bottom right corner of my laptop screen and I'm like, " Oh S#*T!!! its the 20th!!!" . 

Where in the world did the time go. Its funny because at first Tony was the one who was more excited about the party than I was. But then the event planner in me saw this inspiration from Hostess with the Mostess. 
Elmo Birthday Party

That's when it dawned on me that I could do an Elmo themed party without Elmo everywhere and those primary colors that I find so annoying. And I'm off.... spending hours on Etsy and Pinterest trolling for inspiration and finding ways to Google search D.I.Y. whatever I find. I'm doing mainly red, pink, and white with yellow and orange accents

Here is what I have so far.... im torn between these two invitations. I made them on publisher.

And here are the personalized favor tags

And to fill these favor bags I have these coloring books I made

I bought a 24 pack of 4-crayon cases at Party City to go with these along with some random toys. I want to make chocolate covered Oreos to put in them as well, like these 

Ok next I got these mini-bubbles for which I made some custom labels for

For decorations I'm using these tissue pom poms, they are really simple, I just need to get floral wire, here is one I did for practice
And my pies-de-resistance my happy birthday banner... I LOVE the way this is turning out, I feel so cool, lol. 

AND then I ran of color ink so I'm off to Office Max tomorrow for ink so I can finish the banner. I'm going use the extra scrapbook paper to make cupcake toppers attached to toothpicks. 
The place where we are going to have her party is big, and the ceilings are really tall so Im not going to go crazy decorating the whole place. Im going to focus on two tables, one for all the cake and desserts and the other Im going to have cups, plates, the goody bags, and the bubbles or something like that. Here are some inspirations for my dessert table.
cake pops
Oreo Truffles
cake pops covered in sprinkles
Cake Pops

marshmallow <3
Marshmallow pops

There is a lot more space than people so I'm going to set up different areas for the kids to play and I bought this 6ft Sesame St backdrop so everyone can take pictures. Although if I have enough scrapbook paper and/ or patience leftover I might make centerpieces like these

Now somehow, after all this..... I also have to cook :-?

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