Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Rant---- Lazy & Paranoid Americans & Food

Rant: Its funny how the more and more Americans become obsessed with calories and sugar free and this-free and that-free and  sugar substitutes, the fatter we become????
What people so simply forget to realize is that all you really need is balance and moderation. No counting, no substituting, no obsessing. Why is it that the very same people who drink diet soda and use Splenda take the elevator instead of the stairs??
If you have a sit-down job.... go walk every so often. You dont need a sugar-free calorie free dessert (there is NO fun in that in my opinion) just dont eat the whole box, and remember you dont need dessert every day.
My mom NEVER encouraged us to diet.... but in my house there was NEVER soda unless there was a party, and although we lived across the street from a McDonald it was always a TREAT to go there once a month. My mom cooked every day... breakfast and dinner..... and she did this while working 2 jobs sometimes, while keeping the house immaculate (my apartment makes me feel ashamed lol) with 3 kids... and we were kinda poor!!! But my mom also had rules about TV, we never sat lethargic for hours in front, therefore since TV was off limits we learned to use our imaginations and play with each other and being kids, most of that involved physical activities.

Im sorry, Americans now-a-days are just downright lazy (and unfortunately that includes me). Seeing how my mom raised us makes me almost anything sounds like an excuse.... "Oh i have a full time job" My mom used to deliver newspapers in NYC at night. She used to get up at 2 or 3 in the morning to go do a very physical job until 7 in the morning. Ive done it with her a few times and it took me damn near the whole day to recover. She used to come home to make breakfast and get us ready for school. Then she used to prepare dinner. Then a little bit of sleep followed by chores or her second job of cleaning houses. Then come home in time to pick my little brother and sister up for school.
"oh im a single mom"(not from a financial point of view). Do you hear my dad in any of this??? My dad wasnt really home much. And when he was he was of the old school spanish of where is my dinner. He didnt help us with homework or cleaning or much of anything. He took us out on the weekends, that was about it.

Sorry I got off topic..... moral of the story...... everything in moderation. I finally convinced my BIL to not diet and just eat healthy and eat small meals. He wanted to get down to 170 by practically starving himself which he had done before. I convinced him otherwise. Now he has so much more energy, and although the weight is coming off slower, he is much more healthy and happy with himself. Everything in moderation.

So I will apply this in the way I raise and feed my child. Her first birthday is coming up and Ive seen a lot of posts for healthy or sugar free or kid-friendly type of cake recipes on websites Ive been visiting. I have never in my life had anything like that, and my mom never made that. Im not fat, never have been fat. I was a tad overweight in junior high but that baby fat came off in highschool and up until my pregnancy i have never been overweight, and i never had healthy cake. For me it comes down to this. Its cake she is going to have ONE day. And most likely she is not even going to eat a whole slice. She is 1 for crying out loud! You can't tell me that there is going to be lasting damage from giving her cooked egg, flour, and sugar. And she is not going to be addicted to it because she is not getting any more. Simple as that. So I am going to make regular cake with regular frosting for her(well sans frosting for her), my family, and my guests. Same goes for her 2nd, 3rd, 4th, and 5th birthday. Everything in moderation.

It kinda brings me back to my pregnancy and the do not eat list. People take that list for granted and makes you feel guilty when you break the rule and eat sushi or taste the cake batter or eat some feta cheese. Do people stop and think WHY these things are on the do not eat list?? The chances of getting salmonella from raw eggs is about .002%. The chances of getting listeria is like .000008% In both cases you are a lot more likely to die from getting into a car accident or while in childbirth. But no one tells pregnant women not to get in a car more often than they have to? I only realized this after I gave birth. Better believe that the next pregnancy I am not going to worry about salad dressings or cake batter or my Subway sandwich. Bite me. Its not that serious

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