Friday, March 16, 2012

Party update

Who would've guessed that my destructive mini monster is turning one so soon!!! 6 more days until her birthday and 8 more days until her party!!! I'm sooooo excited. I have so much to do and yet I feel like I can't get anything done.

Clean? Whats the point with 7 people living in my house?? Cleaning shall commence on Thursday. As will doing my hair and nails. 

Bake?? Nope, my fridge is old and I don't trust my cake pops and Oreo truffles and Oreo pops to NOT taste like fridge, so that I shall start on Wednesday. Cupcakes, out of the question, that is the morning of.

Ok, so then I have to do the tedious work of finishing all the decorations which I decided to make. Its a great way to pass the time and are so much cheaper than buying. So here is what I have done so far:

 I showed you this before..... homemade happy birthday signs. 

Home-made pinata.... still have to finish it

These are the empty plastic containers that I covered with tissue paper and tissue paper polka dots... thus FREE containers to hold utensils and or cake/marshmallow pops

These are the poms I am going to use to decorate the living room

This is my beloved cake/ cupcake stand. Yes its upside down, the glue was still drying. A cupcake stand alone will cost you somewhere around $25. A cake cupcake combo will cost $30 or more. Here is mine.
3 plastic serving plate: .99 each... $3.00
2 glass candle holders, I couldn't find any so i used thin glass vases: $2.00
2 Cans of spray paint $7.00

Total cost: $12. And you get to customize your own colors.

These are tissue paper garland... practically free. I used one sheet of each color tissue paper, folded it over and over and cut out circles. Used my sowing machine to sow them together... um you may have to buy extra thread?? What $2??

That's all for now folks. 

Oh and a shout out to my friend Malcolm.... he said that since I am now a stay at home mom I should start my own baking blog... you ever need me to bake Malcolm, for a party, as a treat to bring to someone, or just cause... you know who to hit up :-D

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