Saturday, February 18, 2012

Camera Love Affair

For Christmas 2009 Tony got me a digital SLR Canon Rebel. I love this camera. I will trade my small pocket camera any day for this baby. It may be bulky but you just can't beat the quality and customization.

Although I live in what some might consider a "ghetto" neighborhood of Brooklyn, I have the luxury of being so close by to sooo many places. Im 20 minutes fromm Manhattan by train, 30 minutes to Coney Island beach & the NY aquarium, 20 minutes walking to the Prospect Park Zoo, and 15 minutes walking to the Brooklyn Botanic Garden, just to name a few. I went to take Kayla to the park yesterday because it was going to be just above 50 degrees, but of course the moment we get there Kayla passed out. The park is immediately next to the Botanic Garden and since its winter its free until March 14 so in I went. And I took so many pictures my camera battery actually died. LOL....  Anyway here are a few of my favorite

Hmmm i love. Mind you I have no idea what Im really doing, I just take pictures of things I think look nice. And its February, Imagine this place in two months!!!

And then I go home and mess with Picasa..... I could spend hours fiddling with my pictures. Here are 2 before and afters

And another one

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