Tuesday, January 3, 2012

I am OUT of shape (so sore)

No I don't mean that I'm fat, I know Im not. Yes I still have those final 15 pounds from my pregnancy, that technically its 9 months later I should've lost. And I firmly believe that I would have if I were still working, being a retail manager, man was I ever on my feet.

But alas! I have been home for 3 months now and I think i have exercised all of 3 times!!!! Ok so here are my excuses:
  • The only way I enjoy exercising is through dancing, and I am too broke and Kayla is too clingy for me to go to dance classes.
  • I dont like yoga, I am just not feeling all that breathing and stretching. Dont get me wrong, I have no doubt that it would work, I just dont like it.... and Jennifer not liking it = Jennifer not having any motivation to do it = Jennifer not doing it.
  • I am home now... which means I like to bake..... so while I dont eat as much fast food anymore I always get the itch for something sweet.... and baby when all you need is eggs, milk, sugar, and baking powder.........
  • I am just NOT self motivated.... at all when it comes to exercising, so unless someone is up my ass about it, not happening.
Soo yesterday I was watching TV in the living room with Tony and I caught the end of a commercial for the Pussycat Dolls Dance workout DVD... I looked at Tony and said "I want that". He looked at me like it was just going to be another one of my phases and said nothing.

Today, I don't remember why or what made me remember (I may have been watching MTV music videos which reminded me of dancing.....), I went on Amazon and I bought the DVD... there are actually two of them, one from 2009 and the one I saw the commercial for. They were $6.99 and $7.99 respectively. And since I am an Amazon Prime member free shipping <3 <3 <3 I figured that since they were that cheap they can't possibly be all that great but hey, they are still that cheap.

Out of curiosity I went on YouTube to see if there were any excerpts or something and the whole DVD from 2009 in parts was there. I started watching, and then I started doing. And i did for like 20 minutes. It was sooo much fun. I didnt feel like I was exercising and I was actually doing a routine. And since it wasnt just a dance routine the pace for learning the steps was actually perfect for me. The only thing that annoyed me from the routine that I was learning (Buttons) was that it was actually kind of short and once you learn it they do it over and over and over like 10/12 times. For me, being a dancer first and someone doing exercise a faaaar far 2nd, it got kind of boring. But there are 2 or 3 other routines that I didnt see yet so I am really excited.

And on the flip side Kayla was dancing with me!!!! Yes my 9 month old daughter is watching me, laughing, standing and moving while standing (which I interpret as dancing) lol. I only had to move her out of the way 2 or 3 times but she though I was playing with her.

Later, after Kayla REFUSED to take her afternoon nap and while i was just starting to prepare dinner I was sooo tired. And for an hour I couldnt figure out why. I was so out of it and my legs were starting to get sore, I was like WTF is going on???!?!?! And then FLASHLIGHT... DUH JEN DUH.... I had completely forgotten that I had done "exercise". It took so long to click together because in my mind I was just dancing, doing a routine, I completely missed the fact that I did "work". I was too busy trying to do the sexy roll bounce with pop to realize I was doing squats. Which is sooo totally awesome. So as I sit here my thighs are doing a slow burn (my calves feel better after a hot bath) and I hope Im not tooo sore tomorrow.... and I cant wait for my DVD's to come on .... oh snap, I just checked my Amazon account and the new DVD should be here tomorrow with the 2009 one the following day. Oh yeah!!! I <3 Amazon.

The sad part is though.... that I only worked out for 20 minutes and I am this sore.... speaks to how out of shape I am. But maybe this blog can be my motivator... it give me "someone" to report to.

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